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Are you tired of the tedious and bothersome lawn maintenance that keeps you worried every other week? Well, artificial grass might just be the right solution for you. Synthetic grass offers aesthetic beauty and impressive performance as compared to a real lawn. Contact Marlets Artificial Grass Sussex today to get a free quote.

We specialise in both residential and commercial artificial grass installation services, and we have been helping the homes and business owners in the Sussex region with 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest irrespective of the season. Reach out to us today by giving us a call and learn more about how we can help you transform your landscape into a cozy and relaxing low-maintenance aesthetic space.

Here at Marlets Artificial Grass Sussex, we have two decades of experience with a solid track record of satisfied customers. No wonder why the home and business owners in Sussex always reach out to us as their preferred artificial grass company. Contact us today!

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Artificial Grass Sussex Installers

Over the past few years, artificial grass has quickly risen in popularity in the Sussex area and UK as a whole. The main reason is that artificial grass is eco-friendly, it is made from recyclable materials, it is pet and child safe, and it requires little to no maintenance. Best of all, it remains beautiful year-round.

As one of the leading artificial grass companies in Sussex, we have worked hard to excel at everything that we do. From building a great team to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and offering high-quality products and solutions at affordable rates.

Our professional can help you with everything from product sourcing, to fitting and complete installation.

We are always coming up with new and complimentary artificial grass ideas. Our company offers a wide range of landscaping and garden service solutions which include custom raised flower beds, decks, patios and much more. If you have an idea that you want to bring to life, give us a call today and allow our company to turn your idea into a reality.

Professional Artificial Grass In Sussex

Our company provides state-of-the-art artificial grass installation services to the people living in Sussex and around. We have completed hundreds of artificial grass projects that are both residential and commercial. So, we have the experience of getting your project completed with 100% satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority. We always rely on the quality of our work and more than 80% of our work comes from recommendations of our existing clients. Our company always providers personal, professional and friendly services to its customers to exceed their expectations.

We believe that preparation is the key to delivering quality results, and we pride ourselves on preparing a full efficient base underneath your lush green garden. You can rest assured that your project is in safe and professional hands.


As a leading artificial grass company in Sussex, we have a strong team of qualified professionals with years of experience and who know their craft. Our team is extremely friendly, professional and will clean your space after completing the job. Give us a call today to get get in touch with us and get a free artificial grass quote.

Experience the Marlets Artificial Grass Difference

The Best Prices on Artificial Grass in Sussex

As independent suppliers, we have the freedom to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the best artificial grass suppliers. Over the years we have developed a network of providers and deals that allow us to pass on savings to our customers.
We don’t restrict ourselves to any single supplier and with our wide network of suppliers developed over the years, we source the best products at the best prices and ensure to pass on the benefits to our esteemed customers. At Marlets, you can be certain that you are part of the best available deals.
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Experienced and Dedicated

With combined decades of experience under our belts, the team at Marlets is capable and ready to tackle any job big or small. Our track record of successful projects speaks for itself.
With an experienced team specialising in Artificial grass and landscaping, we offer just about anything you would want to do. We not only follow industry standards but also deliver you a final product which is a perfect solution to your needs.
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Highly Rated

We specialise in artificial grass and landscaping, and it is this expertise, coupled with exceptional service and affordability that has earned us top ratings year in and year out.
Our long list of satisfied customers is a testimony to the quality of service we provide and why we are a leader in the market for artificial grass. And if you would like to hire our services, you only need to make a call for a no obligation quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions bout artificial grass installation in Sussex?

The cost of installing artificial grass can vary widely depending on your unique needs, customization, the product selected, size and shape of the area, and more. No matter your goal, we work to find you the most affordable solution that meets all of your needs and exceeds expectations. Call or message today for a free quote.

Our locally owned and operated business works with residents in Mid Sussex as well as West Sussex, Eastbourne, and Lewes, Worthing, Horsham and more. Not sure if we work in your area? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Artificial grass is a great option for those with pets or kids. The material is safe, durable and easy to clean. It holds up year-round and eliminates tracking mud and dirt in and out of the house.


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Why We Rank Among the Highest-Rated Artificial Grass Companies in Sussex and Surrounding Areas?

From walkways and jogging paths, to business events, school playgrounds, an alternative to decking and more, we’ve done it all. Since inception we’ve developed a reputation for exceptional service and artificial grass solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass


Non-toxic, kid-friendly material that holds up all year round, allowing them to safely play outside without tracking in mud.

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Pet Safe

The perfect solution for pet owners looking to keep their lawn pristine while still allowing their fur family to play and be rambunctious.

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Easy Maintenance

No more mowing, weeding, trimming or fertilizing. Take back your time, energy, and resources with care-free artificial turf.

Artificial Grass In Sussex Maintenance

It is easy to install and maintain. How can you maintain it? Here are a few tips:

Brushing and Cleaning

You would need to make sure your synthetic grass lawn is clean of any superficial garbage, leaves and other organic matter which can jeopardize the quality or look of your lawn. You can use maintenance rakes or grass vacuums for this purpose. A rake is more like a manual that brushes off the surface of turf and also penetrates a few centimetres deep on the fibre level.

Wash and Rinse

Rake or vacuum would only get rid of superficial garbage items and leaves. For proper dirt wash, you would of course, need to use water and give your lawn a proper wash. You can use a hose for this. Hose is very helpful equipment. It can also come in handy during monsoon season.

Lastly, let your lawn air dry.


Whether, you have real or artificial turf in your lawn. Trimming is essential. Just more frequently with real grass. With artificial, you can go for trimming according to your taste and desire. You can use industrial cutters or for this purpose. Scissors also work fine.

Pet Waste Materials

We all know how annoying it is when our furry fellows leave a surprise for us in the garden. Fortunately, artificial turf makes it a bit easier. Here’s what you need to do in such a situation:

Let the waste dry up first.

Pick it up using a tool.

Wash and rinse the rest of the area using a hose.

Bacteria and Weed Prevention

Bacteria is not an issue you have to worry about with artificial grass. But if you want to be preventive, you can either use antibacterial soil infills or just a regular soapy water and vinegar rinse would do the trick. Just keep in mind to not use heavy and hard chemicals with fake turf.

Yes, weed can be a problem. But don’t worry there are various tips to control that as well. Firstly, you can install a weed membrane on the sub-base before rolling out your turf carpet. In case, you missed that, regular wash and cleaning can help as well. You can also try a weedicide.

Stain Removal

Turf is prone to stains of all kinds. Whether it’s real or fake turf, stains are common. To get rid of stains on artificial turf, you need to be agile. Otherwise, the stain can get stubborn and darker with time. You can use water and detergent mixture to wash away the stain.

Wrapping Up

Synthetic turf is an excellent solution to all the problems that were caused by natural grass. It is easy to install, take care of and convenient. It has been widely used in many different avenues. Its interesting feature is that it is easy to maintain as well.

As we have discussed, anyone can easily take care of artificial grass and there won’t be a need of any sort of gardener or specialized staff for this job. Hence, artificial grass can be used by a common man.

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